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Co-Creating Stewardship

Cairnstone is about Appropriate Development with Excellent Land Stewardship, in the  Context of a World that is Changing Rapidly and Radically.  It was founded in 2007 to address issues in efficiency and quality of the execution of land use planning and related consulting services.  Cairnstone co-creates plans that are both innovative and practical, moving towards true sustainability through excellent stewardship of resources and ecosystems.

The goal is to Help Great Communities do Great Things to make the world a happier, healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous place.

was founded in 2008 on three principles:

  1. A plan must be innovative but practical. There must be the capability, understanding, and will to implement a plan after its adoption.  The planning process must work to increase organizational cohesion and governance, and be cognizant of what is realistic.  If it does not, the plan will simply be a wish list. Co-Creating the plan with the client is prerequisite to this.
  2. Stewardship is more important than sustainability.  Stewardship seeks ways for humans to improve their local ecosystems through proper land management, thereby increasing available renewable resources.  Sustainability generally seeks to reduce resource use through conservation or increased efficiency.   
  3. High-quality planning means straightforward communication and ethical billing. Planners have a professional trust with our clients to ensure efficiency of process and cost-effectiveness. Undertaking redundant tasks, over-analyzing issues, writing superfluous jargon, and maximizing fees are unethical.


This website was created as a discussion of what Cairnstone does, and how it does it.


Thank you!


Peter Scholz, Certified Planner



Origin of the Company Name

A cairn is a trail marker made of stacked stones.  Cairns are used to help guide people to their destination.  They are built carefully, one stone at a time, and built to last through the harshest conditions.


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